How we got to where we are today

Good morning y’all and welcome to my blog. It’s Lissa here! Today I want to share with you on how we got to where we are today. My family and I went from living the “All American Dream” to living simply. It was a long and stressful task.

We lived in the big fancy houses, had very nice vehicles, had all the latest gadgets, nice clothes, etc. Basically “keeping up with the Joneses!” We were living the dream and had a blast while living the way we did. My husband and I both had really great careers! We were making it!

Until the 2008/2009 economic collapse! Our all American dream soon became a nightmare. My husband got laid from his career. I was able to keep my job as I was fortunate to do so. He searched for other jobs. He got hired and then laid off again. In the same year 3 layoffs from his employers.

Us being a family of four living in Minnesota needed 2 incomes as the expenses are outrageous there. We have had to move 2 or 3 times in that year. We lost everything. It was a nightmare within a nightmare having to keep packing up kids and uproot to another rental.

We were hit so hard with the downturn of the economy we barely stayed afloat. It was basically 4 years of living in this disaster. We needed to figure out what to do to get out of this situation. That’s when the wheels started to turn.

My husband and I sat down and talked everything through and made a plan. This took us about one year to put our plan into action. So, in November 2012 we decided to pick up an relocate to the sunshine State. He is from Florida and his family is also here. He already had a job lined up and we also had housing set up!


Things were looking up for us finally! It was very scary for me because all I knew was Minnesota. It took me a few years to adjust to my new lifestyle. I kept looking for a new job here and only one employer called me for an interview. I got a job offer but, the pay was too low for me. Well, I did not know the cost of living is cheaper here so the pay matches the cost of living.

My husband came to me one day and suggested I stay home and become a homemaker. Me? I did not think I was cut out for it. I tried it out and fell in love being a homemaker and holding down the fort for my family while he worked. We are a very frugal family and have all our monthly living expenses so small that I honestly can not believe we live on such a small budget and funds left over to accomplish our goals of building our home and homestead. Stay tuned for the next post on our journey.







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