Moving Onto The Homestead

Hello friends! We hope you had a wonderful week! We had a very busy but, a good week! Today I want to share a bit about my family moving to our new property. In the midst of living with my in-laws from May-November 2016 to find our perfect paradise. I came across this beautiful piece of vacant property for sale in June 2016.

My daughter and I walked the property and both fell in love with it as it is located in the woods. “The forgotten area” is what we were told. When there are emergencies well, let’s just say it will be bad. So although it’s nice to be in an forgotten area it is bad when help is needed.

I phoned my husband at work to tell him about the property and to come and see it with us. I was nervous as it is a hike! But, he toured it and loved it very much as well. We phoned the sellers and asked a ton of questions and picked up an application. There were already 3 other potential buyers.

We still had a chance to get all of the required information in before the deadline. We did! Then the wait began….Oh, boy was I a nervous wreck waiting and waiting praying and praying. Four days have past and we get a phone call from the mortgage company. They told us they could not accept any of the 3 previous buyers. Then there was silence.” Congratulations on your new property!” I screamed with joy like a giddy child haha.

I phoned my husband at work and told him the great news and we needed to celebrate! We sure did with in-laws and all. We had our work cut out for us though to clear the property. Were we really prepared to do so in the Summer heat?

With God all things are possible (MATTHEW 19:26)

Until next time my friends have a wonderful weekend!

My morning view from front corner of my property.


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