Budgeting and ways to cut costs

Hello friends! Happy hump day 🙂 ! It’s a great week so far! Hope y’all are enjoying your week too! Though it is super cold here in NW Florida as I see it is as well throughout the US. Please keep safe and warm! Spring is knocking at the door well, hopefully haha!

     This week I wanted to share some budgeting ideas with you. I know I used to cringe at the word budget as I felt it meant prison. For many years we did not have to budget because we had a large income coming in. We had no reason to. Then the collapse came….

    We had to use the word budget! Ugh, I was taken back and needed to get my brain re-trained on budgeting. So, about 10 years in the making we have had a budget. It was a very long drawn out process to see what can we live without. Oh, “we would die if we didn’t have cable!” (I can’t believe we were like that. I am very shamed.), kids had to be in several sports or  activities, we “needed” top of line electronics, clothes, shoes, etc. 

  We turned the economic downturn from a nightmare to a positive experience. It was hard and stressful don’t get me wrong. But, we worked together as a family to pull together.  Here are some things we have done to have more money in our pockets instead of slaving to give it away to the big corporations haha.

1) We cut the cable cord. That alone was a hefty price monthly

 2) We cut the home phone since everyone basically uses a mobile device.

3) Limited each child to 1 sport activity instead of several.

4) Learned to use thrift shops, garage sales, and Craigslist even more for clothing and household items.

5) Learned to grow most of our own produce and some meats. We also trade and barter with our neighbors and other farmers.

6) Learned to make meals from scratch. Breads, pastas, deserts, etc.

7) Learned to can our jams, jellies, meats, veggies, fruits, broths, soups to put up for the winter.

8) Run errands most of the time once per week to save on gas.

9) Shop local store adds for sales and use coupons. Lots and lots of coupons for toiletry or food items.

10) Check all windows and doors for seals to make sure no heat or air loss. To keep energy costs down.

11) Check with your local utility companies to negotiate bills at a lower cost. We have done that with both cell and internet providers.

12) Look at your rent or mortgage. How can you get that lowered? 

13) Cut out all of the unnecessary things that are not needed in life.

By my family cutting down on expenses we have more money in our pockets to put towards savings and building our homestead.

 What are some things you do to keep your monthly costs down? I would love to hear from you!




14 thoughts on “Budgeting and ways to cut costs

  1. Thank you for these tips.

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  2. Don’t spend money on things I don’t want.

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  3. Thank you for the information, that’s the most difficult job in easy way.

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    1. Hahahaha! Yes, I agree with you 🙂

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  4. Great ideas🤗i dont even go when it sales, i don’t want to buy things only because its sale🌸

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    1. Yes, only buy the things you normally purchase 🙂 if it goes on sale for a great price then stock up!

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  5. I believe its always the to save, but only if you really want it🤗

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  6. Some great tips to cut some costs or and keep expenses down. I always rave to people that they need to cut cable! To many cheaper options and even free local channels. Great post! 😃

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    1. I totally agree 🙂 Thank you for reading!


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