Cookware And Storage Containers

Hello friends! Do you ever worry about which chemicals are leaching into your foods and beverages after storing or cooking? I know I do. Although, I know it is highly impossible to be chemically free from toxins as it is everywhere. We can however reduce the number of toxins we are exposed to. 

For instance….. Aluminum, Bisphenol-A (BPA), Teflon, Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR), Cadmium, and  Styrene are a few I can think of off top. I know there are many more than I have listed. These chemicals may leach into our foods during the cooking process, storage of food and beverages, or even using plastic ware whether throw aways or daily use. 

 These chemicals are known to cause Alzheimer’s, are carcinogenic,  hormone disruptors, can cause infertility, early puberty (which I have seen throughout my nursing career), can cause thyroid , kidney, and liver damage, as well as just wreak havoc to our overall health and well-being. 

Many years ago I cleaned out my entire kitchen and threw away the items that I knew were bad for my family and friends. I was one to have plastic Tupperware,  toxic pots and pans, plastic cups etc. I had to make a change for sake of our health. Which may be a little too late but, better late than never right? I still have three 5 gallon food grade buckets that are BPA free for bulk rice, sugar, and flour storage. Along with BPA free storage ziplock type baggies 🙂 

  Some items I use instead now are cast iron twice a week ( not too much as it can cause iron build up and become extremely toxic to some people), stainless steel, bamboo (Organic), glass, or 100% ceramic. Although, I understand there may be issues using these as well. 

What are some ways you take out toxic chemicals in your daily lives? What are other toxic chemicals that I don’t have listed that you want to add to the list?



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